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Math Competitions Tutoring Online and In Person

I have tutored and coached over 150 students in math competitions at all levels both in person and online and both 1 on 1 and in classes.  I am the only person in the state of Missouri and one of very few in the country to offer expert contest math tutoring services.  Many of my students have qualified for the AIME/USA(J)MO, State and National-Level MATHCOUNTS, placed in or won numerous regional math competitions, and skipped grades in school math as a result of my competition tutelage.

Competition Tutoring and Coaching Experience

*Extensive one-on-one and small group math competitions tutoring experience at the middle school, high school, and college levels for competitions including MATHCOUNTS, ARML, GPML/Math League, the AMC 8/10/12 and AIME, USAMTS, the Putnam exam, and more.  

*Taught many comprehensive six month to one year long courses in middle school- and high school-level competition math to individuals and groups.  I am teaching at least one of these courses at any given time.  They are particularly useful in preparing students for competitions such as MATHCOUNTS and the AMC 10/12.  They are also very effective in boosting gifted students' general mathematical aptitude.    

*Helped coach the Missouri State American Regions Math League (ARML) Team in 2010, 2011, and 2012.

*Worked as a counselor at Power Math, a program for gifted middle school students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

*Led a math circle for gifted high school students in Omaha, dedicated to helping them prepare for various math competitions.

My Competitions Background

Growing up, I participated and performed well in numerous local and national math competitions between elementary school and my last year in college. These include The Continental Math League, MATHCOUNTS, GPML, ARML, USAMTS, UNL Math Day, The AMC, The Putnam Exam, The Missouri Collegiate Mathematics Competition, and other smaller local competitions.

To cite a few examples, I scored a 136 on the AMC 12 and solved 8 problems correctly on the AIME during my senior year of high school, I received scores of 100 on the USAMTS during my junior and senior years, and I was the Nebraska ARML team's individual high scorer during my senior year.  By comparison, today I could solve more like 24-25 problems correctly on the AMC 10, 23-24 problems on the AMC 12, and 12-13 problems on the AIME.

In addition to my experience practicing for, reading books about, and participating in competitions, I also received a semester of private lessons in math competition problem-solving in Moscow from Arkadiy Skopenkov, who has helped to train the Russian International Math Team and leads many of the math competitions activities that take place in the greater Moscow area.