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online math competitionI’m not an idealist.  I know that for many students and their parents, the bottom line is to achieve the largest possible improvement in grades and scores in the smallest amount of time.  If this is what you want, this is exactly what I will give you.  A large component of my teaching methodology is dedicated to maximizing the speed and efficiency of learning.  In addition, and to the extent that students are willing, I will share my love for and profound understanding of math.  In either case, I believe that the most effective way to quickly improve mathematical performance is by developing a deeper understanding of it, which inevitably leads to a greater appreciation.

I believe that I produce the best results of any math tutor that you will find in the St. Louis area. 

Would you like to increase your ACT Math score?

Students who have completed my four to five meeting ACT Math study program have increased their ACT Math scores by an average of five points.  I have produced similar results on the SAT.

Are you worried about whether or not you will be able to pass a math class?

Students who have difficulty passing math classes, regularly get B’s under my tutelage. 

Are you a B-student who would like to become an A-student?

My students who generally receive B's in math classes almost always get A's after working with me and often end up achieving the highest grades in their classes. 

Have you hated math for as long as you can remember?  And has math hated you right back?

Virtually all of my students come out with a healthier attitude towards math.  They go from awkward memorization to intuitive, natural learning.  Once they make this transition, they realize that math is not nearly as unpleasant and mysterious as they thought and furthermore, that they're much better at it than they thought.  This is true of both my regular and my advanced students.

However, although I am probably the closest thing that exists to one, I am not a miracle worker.  To achieve the best results, students must do their share by attending class, completing homework, and occasionally finishing additional, personalized assignments that I give them.   How do I produce the above results?  See my teaching philosophy.

Feel free to contact any of the below references.  Many other references are available upon request.  The only reason my references list doesn't contain 50 people on it is that I haven't found the time.


Dr. John Konvalina
math tutor st. louisphone: (402) 554-2836


Dr. Konvalina has been one of the most popular professors in the math department of the University of Nebraska-Omaha for many years.  I have taken four college math classes and done a year of math research with him.  He was the person who initially inspired me into the development of the K2 Learning System (and is the "2" in "K2"), a computer program, which we hope will someday change the standard of math education in the United States.  Dr. Konvalina and I performed much of the early planning and analysis for K2 together.  K2 is the reason that I decided to become a professional math tutor and continues to guide my career path.   

Testimonial: "Even as a high school student, Igor was without a doubt the best student I have ever had in my advanced college mathematics courses.  As a researcher, Igor made significant contributions to our mathematical biology projects and was essential in the discovery of the K2 fractal (which has been used as the logo for this web site, or click here to view the full paper).  As an educator, Igor implements unique and innovative methods to improve the way math is taught.  He and I have explored revolutionary methods to improve mathematical education on a variety of levels."


act math tutorBruce Davis
phone: (314) 513-4849

Bruce Davis was my supervisor at the Math and Science Learning Center at Saint Louis Community College-Florissant Valley.  He supervised me as I tutored numerous students in a variety of subjects, including prealgebra, algebra, geometry, advanced algebra, calculus, statistics, and physics over the course of the year that I worked there.

Testimonial: "Igor is impressively versatile and expertly fluent in successfully remedying students' conceptual and computational difficulties in topics ranging from developmental arithmetic to epsilon-delta proofs in calculus.  He is equally adept at explaining pure mathematics and applications in lucid, readily accessible terms.  His good humor and relaxed, informal manner easily enable him to gain students' willing cooperation and build their confidence."

sat math tutor

Dan Mcgibney

Dan was a PhD student in Systems Science (an applied math) at Washington University.  I tutored him for a semester in Advanced Calculus, the most advanced theoretical math course required for his degree.

Testimonial: “Igor helped me through Introduction to Analysis.  Igor provided a structured learning plan where we studied the notes and solved problems.  In my opinion, the best aspect of his teaching was his ability to bring very abstract and complicated principles down to an intuitive and manageable level.  He was always well-prepared and ready to help.  While the class was very difficult, Igor made it bearable and even fun.”

math contests tutorMartin Lee
phone: 314-591-7419

Martin is a recent graduate of Saint Louis University High School.  I have tutored him in precalculus, calculus, ACT Math, and statistics.  I have also tutored his two younger sisters, Monica and Jane.

Testimonial: "I have had four different math tutors before Igor and Igor by far blows all of them out of the water.  He is very patient and helps you learn to solve problems logically and step by step.   Igor goes beyond just teaching you how to solve problems, by making you truly understand the material inside and out.  Unlike my other tutors, whose teaching styles were very dull, Igor has an exciting and charismatic style of teaching.  He helped me to raise my ACT math score from a 25 to a 32.  With Igor's help, I also had the highest grade in my precalculus class for most of the semester, and received a college recommendation letter from my precalculus teacher."